Livestock and farm animals for Sale in Alpharetta, GA

This is Hoya. He's a mini mule, but he's like handling dynamite. He was scared but not too scared to kick-your-head-off mini mule. He is still scared, but he has improved so much thanks to the caring volunteers who are always kind to him. He is ...
Savanna has the largest personality you've ever seen in a goat! She is full of energy and enthusiasm! She will be the perfect addition to your farm/property. She'll make sure to take care of all your weeds and keep you entertained with her cute personality.
Jerry is a active goat that loves to get attention from people. He also loves the company of his Girlfriend Savanna (white goat in picture). Together the are always running around, playing and managing the weeds. They'd make a nice addition to your property.
Main color: Brown...
Rise and shine! The Talented Mr. Ripley is up and ready to find his forever home! This attractive rooster is super friendly and loves to be petted. Can you give The Talented Mr. Ripley the home he's always dreamed of? Meet him at LifeLine's DeKalb Animal Services!
Special Needs This adorable little girl appears to have a neurological issue but that certainly doesn t stop her from being like any other little pup She is very playful and sweet. She has a dency to get off balance at times but gets right back up and keeps on going The older she gets the less noticeable it has become. It is our hope that she will outgrow it. If you are that special person look...
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