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About 150 from my home. Anybody think it will survive? It would be a shame to lose it. I wondered if it could be felled safely now or will someone have to climb it to take it down. Chunks of the tree were blown off. I picked this up about 50 from the tree. Smaller pieces all around.
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Morning Ray! Can you help me with this request? Parts list for Stihl 056 AV Super EQ . Say all that in one breath. thanks. jim
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Hey guys, Good Morning. Has anyone seen this? The wire running from the coils on this 041EQ to the Stop switch is fried. The insulation looks to me as if it was cooked from the inside, but can t say for sure. I ll pull the rotor off and look deeper but this just got me. I mean the only time it s supposed carry current is when the switch is flipped to ground, the engine stops and the electrons q...
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I ve started using braided polyester 10mm rope with a portable capstan type wench. What do you guys use to store it so it s readily available and safe for storage at the same time? I can t seem to figure it out. It s always tangled up and takes a long time to square away. Only to be tangled up again the next time I go to use it.
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Hi all- New forum member here from Georgia, US. I have on order a MS660 complete parts "kit" from Huztl/ Farmertec. It should be here in a few weeks I hope for building fun! I've spent a great deal of time watching videos of the assembly process and have learned a ton and really appreciate the time and effort of those on here and others in posting those. I've read many posts here on the subject...
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