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ID# : FKDS-A-23805 Est. Birthdate: 06/15/2021 Microchip Number : 981020043436437. Color: Brown Pattern: Tabby
ID# : FKDS-A-24173 Est. Birthdate: 06/14/2021 Microchip Number : 981020043481691. Color: Flame Pattern: Point
ID# : FKDS-A-24176 Est. Birthdate: 06/14/2021 Microchip Number : 981020043480229. Color: Lilac Pattern: Point
Hi I'm Samira! I'm in the little cage with my mom right now trying to figure out what's going on. I'm a super adventurous and sweet girl who is excited about everything. I love new people, but always go back to my mom to see if it's okay that I talk to them. I can't wait to have my forever family soon and get to know them! I'm the sweetest girl around! ID# : FKDS-A-23407 Est. Birthdate: 05/16/2...
ID# : FKDS-A-23873 Est. Birthdate: 04/17/2021 Microchip Number : 981020043453421. Color: Black/White Pattern: Tuxedo
ID# : FKDS-A-23961 Est. Birthdate: 05/04/2021 Microchip Number : 981020041687369. Color: Black/White Pattern: Tuxedo
ID# : FKDS-A-23962 Est. Birthdate: 05/04/2021 Microchip Number : 981020041364488. Color: Black/White Pattern: Tuxedo
Sweet Miss Taffy loves watching birds and butterflies through the window! Such a sweet girl, ready to meet her forever family!ID# : FKDS-A-23491 Est. Birthdate: 06/11/2021 Microchip Number : 981020043122569. Color: Brown/Orange Pattern: Tabby
Everyone loves Bruce Willis. He's beautiful with teal eyes and a muscular body for 2.5 pounds. He wins the loudest purr award. Bruce loves for you to make a hammock with your shirt and he will climb right in, curl up as close as he can get to you and fall sound asleep. He doesn't understand the concept of a stranger and greats everyone with a "please pick me up" look. Once you pick me him up, y...
ID# : FKDS-A-24032 Est. Birthdate: 04/29/2021 Microchip Number : 981020041686078. Color: Grey/White Pattern: Tuxedo
Handsome little Jojo became a Furkid when he was transferred in from Tift county, and he's been a total love machine from the start! Jojo is an extremely friendly kitten who will immediately start purring when you pick him up, and he loves being snuggled. He's looking for his lifetime human buddies, so apply online at to adopt him!ID#: FKDS-A-22788 DOB: 03-30-2021 Microchip: 9810200...
Sweet little Andie was rescued as a kitten when she was found by a tree in an empty parking lot. Poor thing was quite scared, but Furkids came to the rescue! Now, she's an energetic little kitten who absolutely adores playing with other kittens. She could definitely use a human companion, could that companion be you?ID# : FKDS-A-22670 DOB: 4-23-2021 Microchip: 981020041931525. Color: Grey Patte...
ID# : FKDS-A-24217 Est. Birthdate: 06/10/2021 Microchip Number : 981020043476956. Color: Tortoise Pattern: Tortie
ID# : FKDS-A-24218 Est. Birthdate: 06/10/2021 Microchip Number : 981020043494794. Color: Calico Pattern: Calico
ID# : FKDS-A-24219 Est. Birthdate: 06/10/2021 Microchip Number : 981020043488810. Color: Black Pattern: None
ID# : FKDS-A-24220 Est. Birthdate: 06/10/2021 Microchip Number : 981020043478744. Color: Black/White Pattern: None
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